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Delage Designs clients can expect superior personalized service throughout all phases of the remodeling process.  This starts with the initial meeting, where we get to know the client, understand how they live in the space, and are inspired about what will make the project a success.  If both parties agree to proceed, a design agreement is signed and the first design session is scheduled.     


At the first design session, the client will receive an outline of the project, a draft of the overall design, a preliminary project schedule, and a project budget, assuming enough information was made available in the initial meeting.  Depending on the size of the project, several iterations of these work products may be needed before final selections are made, pricing is established, and a realistic timeline is established.  The client can expect frequent communications during this phase of the project, usually on a weekly basis, but more often as needed.  


Once products are ordered and the actual construction work begins, the client can expect much more frequent communications.  Anything less than daily communications would be an exception.  Nanette personally oversees the work, reviewing expectations with each trade at the start and end of each day.  Clients are quickly made aware of issues as they arrive and are informed of what is being done to address them.   


Excellent, expert craftsmanship is the cornerstone of the work provided by Delage Designs.  This is achieved by using high-quality, well-priced products and having those products installed by first-rate professionals with proven track records.  Delage Designs has invested years cultivating relationships with local suppliers and installers and these relationships have stood the test of time and the recent recession.  


We offer our clients a wide variety of products to choose from.  Our clients can rest assured that their investment in those products will be protected by professional installation.  All subcontractors meet local and state licensing requirements, carry liability insurance, and are covered by workman’s compensation, or are properly exempted.    


Cleanliness is another essential element of a successful job and ensures the safety of all involved in the project.  Jobsites are kept clean and free of clutter and debris.  Precautions are always undertaken to protect the client’s home and reduce the amount of construction dust in other areas of the house.    


All agreements are made in writing.  Purchases are made only when Delage Designs has been given the authority to do so based on the agreed upon pricing and payment schedule.  Work will not begin until a signed contract is in place and required payments are made.  A payment schedule will be provided and enforced, usually based on key milestones during the project.  Delays in payment can and will result in work stoppage and may be subject to a restart fee in order to get the project back on track.   



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